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One of the ways that apps have enhanced the lives of those that are regularly on-the-go is by allowing you to book services using your smartphone. The majority of your time is spent traveling, and making sure you have reservations for your hotel and car service can be a bit stressful. However, when you come to Miami and Fort Lauderdale area, you have the power to book your transportation in your hands with our new app for mobile devices.

Once you have downloaded the app on your Android or Apple device and it is opened for the first time, you are immediately prompted to Log in or Sign up for an account. After general information such as your name, mobile phone number, username, password and referral code: 515MIAMI are entered you will register your account. Now you are ready to book your new rides with 515 MIAMI.

To download the app, access our website  from your mobile device, click to download Trip Booker for Apple or Android device and have in your hands the power to schedule your rides. Sign up and book a 515 MIAMI ride in seconds. Use Referral Code: 515MIAMI
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